Airbag tube forming by Rhodius

By using state-of-the-art technologies in all of our company's departments and processes we satisfy our customer’s high demands for and expectations of quality, productivity, and flexibility of a modern company with a global market orientation.

 At RHODIUS we are proud of our special expertise in manufacturing and forming tubes for airbag and seatbelt tightening systems. Because our machinery is adapted to suit customer needs, all forming, stock removal and heat treatment can be done on one production line, so tubes can be worked in cold and hot forming processes and sealed gas-tight.

In the development phase for new tube products we have the capacity in our plants to do prototype and short-run production.
The implementation of large-scale production is done in fully automated production lines, some with integrated inspection systems.
Among other things our processes combine the design benefits of non-cutting methods with the precision and potential of cutting methods. By means of forming processes we reduce costs, achieve quality assurance and guarantee competitiveness for our customers.

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Tube hot forming

Hot forming airbag tubes
Tube forming line - hot

Tube cold forming

Cold forming tubes Beltbag
Tube forming line - cold