Company values - The cornerstones of our success


Having a global focus while maintaining solidarity through our values and standards makes us an important and trustworthy partner for our customers.

We are "ONE" Rhodius - All for one and one for all.


KPIs and standards are the key to success. By introducing standards, we minimise internal expense and inefficiency to constantly improve our competitiveness. Consistent and SMART definition of KPIs ensures our business processes are transparent, and helps us increase their efficiency.

S – Specific
M – Measurable 
A – Accepted
R – Realistic 
T - Timed


All our efforts revolve around satisfying our customers. We solve problems for our customers, and our flexibility enables us to cater to their requirements and requests. The fact that we continue to be certified under ISO TS/IATF 16949 serves as proof of our work.

Rhodius! A company with a future - for the future of our customers


Innovations and reliable processes serve to guarantee our financial success! Using appropriate technical equipment, we manufacture high-quality products for the automotive industry and other sectors, while complying with schedule and cost requirements.


The motivation, competence and efficiency of all staff members are what ensure our ongoing success. As such, our employees’ ideas are very dear to us, and we like sharing successes. We also expect quality-assurance rules and processes to be upheld.


By continuously improving our products and processes, we’re constantly adapting to changing factors. In doing so, we strive to reach a “0 errors” level of error prevention. The open, transparent manner in which we handle and communicate errors within the company is always a given, and serves as the basis of our improvement measures.

We produce quality!


We ensure mutual growth by strategically selecting our suppliers and establishing and developing business partnerships.


We are always mindful of protecting natural resources when performing our tasks, and are continuously working on improvement measures.