Honor of longtime company anniversaries

June 2022 - Weissenburg

Recently, we celebrated our spring festival and venerated employees for many years of working at Rhodius, whereas we could not host a Christmas party during the pandemic. Beside the celebration with ten, 20, 25 or 30 years of work, two staffs even can celebrate 35 years of working at Rhodius.

Michael Bracker, trading director and Armin Pitzer, plant manager in Weißenburg since February, executed the distinction and expressed their appreciation with a certificate, a medal and with flowers. Marietta Hofmann, Marlies Lang, Gino Lanzinger, Klaus Löffler, Elisabeth Rößler and Benjamin Ruggero got honored for ten years of faithfulness. Either Monika Hügle, Agnes Palmiero, Karl-Heinz Fischer and Francisek Waszut were glad to hear some commendatory words. Bekim Avdulahi, Franz-Josef Frey, Dieter Gebhardt, Monika Günther, Hannelore Müller, Roland Lutz, Heidemarie Schmidt, Anja Schmoll, Günter Schurk and Malgorzata Suzko could be proud of working 25 years for Rhodius. Bracker and Pitzer also thanked Renate Herrmann and Adrian Swietek for 30 years of affiliation. Roland Günther and Karl-Heinz Winter could be pleased about working at Rhodius for 35 years, too. Karl-Heinz Winter has started his working life at Rhodius 1986. In those days he learned company fitter and since that time he joins the Rhodius team. Günther is also an valued contact person at the customs handling and the distribution due to his longtime experience.

For Heinz Schabdach, working for 35 years at Rhodius,the tribute implies concomitantly the farewell, because he retires. Likewise Karl Raschbacher retires after 27 years of engagement. Both got thanks and an award from the IHK. In times of skills shortage, it is very important that practical staff join the company for many years. Dr. Knut Kille also expressed in the name of the management a great gratitude for the longtime engagement.   

Nowadays, it is not natural, that employees are on duty for only one compony for so long. We appreciate the persons celebrating a jubilee for the longtime loyalty and for the input in the successful exist of the company.

Picture: Rhodius

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