Visit of the Hungarian colleagues

December 2021 - Weißenburg

Cooperation is important to us and one of the pillars of success – which is also why we recently had three of our Hungarian colleagues working at the plant in Weißenburg. They carried out various activities in the sewing room, at the laser and the automotive production to support us in our work and to gain an understanding of the work that is done in Germany. The local employees were enthusiastic about the willingness to learn, the diligence and the cooperation of the Hungarian colleagues.

Mutual support and exchange between the plants are enormously important to generate understanding, cooperation and synergies. Thanks to a few German skills of the Hungarians, the communication worked without major problems and of course they were served the classic Bavarian “Leberkassemmel” which they really liked.

We would like to thank them for the good cooperation and look forward to further exchanges across national borders.

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