Calculation and design

Berechnung der Verformung einer Filtereinheit Automotive (FEM - CATIA GPS)

RHODIUS has many ways at its disposal to numerically analyse, calculate and optimise parts and systems.

Calculation of the forming of an automotive filter unit (FEM - CATIA GPS)

CAD Design engineering

Cad Konstruktion einer Antriebslösung Automotive

RHODIUS works with CATIA V5© in the development stage and with INVENTOR© in the process development stage and in machine construction.

Design of an automotive drive solution
(software: CATIA V5©)

Dynamic calculation/Calculation of kinematics

Design of kinematics: Torsional wave of an automotive application (development tool: Matlab-Simulink©)

Numerical calculation for a cushioning element of a drive combination
(development tool: Matlab-Simulink©)

Numerical calculation
(development tool: Matlab-Simulink ©)

Strength analysis

Lagerung einer Automotive-Anwendung

We calculate and optimise parts using FEM tools.

Mount of an automotive application
(software in this case: CATIA FEM)

Gearing analysis

Analyse - Getriebedämpfer einer Automotive-Anwendung

RHODIUS develops and optimises gear applications.

Gear damper of an automotive application
(software: KISSOFT)

Test lab and technical centre

Prüfung eines Bauteils

RHODIUS has a measuring lab and test lab for analyses in the automotive area as well as in the area of Mesh & Separation

Process and methods engineering

In Weissenburg at the headquarters of RHODIUS, processes and methods are planned for production, based on customer requirements.
After that our plants at four international locations do the manufacturing based on these specifications.

Abgeschlossener Warmumformprozess eines Kaltgasbehälters für die Seitenairbagapplikation zum Schutz von Thorax- und Kopfbereich

Example 1
Completed hot forming process of a cold gas cylinder for a side airbag application for protecting the thorax and head regions.

Roboterhandling bei allen Stationen für die automatische Bauteilbestückung und Entnahme

Example 2
Robot handling at all stations for automatic part assembly and removal.

Segmentielle, induktive Bauteilerwärmung eines Rohrabschnittes vor der Warmumformung zum Kaltgasbehälter

Example 3
Segmental inductive part heating for a tube section before hot forming to make a cold gas cylinder.