Special parts

For all special requirements and problems specific to the automotive industry, RHODIUS is the innovative problem-solver for small and medium-sized enterprises. With our solutions our customers are guaranteed that RHODIUS will consider all specific requirements and realise them consistently. We reduce noise, insulate, filter, cool, mount, save, seal as well as stabilise and we always face all the challenges and special problems of our customers tirelessly.

The trends of the future are what drive us today. Our intelligent solutions have become an indispensable part of an enormous number of different applications in the automotive industry. As such, there is hardly a car manufacturer where our products cannot be found – in areas currently such as occupant safety, exhaust systems and engine management.

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Exhaust technology

Various knitted wire meshes for exhaust technology

Modern exhaust technology are highly stressed assemblies. Therefore, the quality of smaller individual components is of great importance. RHODIUS knitted wire meshes are used for:

Examples of use

  • Bearing of ceramic monoliths of the catalytic converter
  • Decoupling units
  • Exhaust silencer
  • Sealing and compensation of relative movements in flange connections
  • Bypass sealing
  • Edge protection
  • Space for swelling mat systems
  • Air gap insulated pipe connections

Regarding the silencer branch, RHODIUS knitted wire meshes are used e.g. as trickle protection for mineral-fiber-filled silencers. Exhaust gas components are exposed to high temperatures due to acceleration processes. The material used in each case is selected individually and customer-specifically.

RHODIUS knitted wire meshes application criteria and can therefore be used in many areas of the exhaust system.

Wire mesh insert for trickle protection
Shatterproof monolythene bearing
Sliding rings and sealing rings

Rhodius knitted fabrics meet demanding application criteria and can therefore be used in many areas of the exhaust system.

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Vibration technology – cushioning and cushioned mounting

The many different mesh types produced by RHODIUS Safety and Environmental Solutions are genuine all-rounders.
They can

  • reduce structure-borne sound,
  • insulate and
  • cushion vibration and noise.

In bend sections knitted wire mesh is put to use in many ways: As decoupling parts, as elements for parts subject to vibration and thermal stress, and as sealing rings and elements that dampen friction.

Vibration absorber
Bearing and damping elements
Spring and damping elements made of knitted wire mesh

Knitted wire mesh for cushioning vibrations is also used to encase corrugated tubes. On such parts they are also useful for dampening friction. On parts that vibrate or are subject to thermal stress knitted wire meshes are used as decoupling part in areas of the pre-tube and bend. Mounting and cushioning elements are also very useful in the customers' constant search for ways to optimise general use comfort in car manufacturing, but also in machine engineering and industrial technology.

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Sealing elements in industrial applications

Seals heat protection package

In combination with a wide variety of materials (glass fibre, mica, graphite, rubber, etc.), RHODIUS uses the porous medium of knitted wire mesh to manufacture many different kinds of sealing components, producing flexible products for processing which can be found in numerous industrial applications.

Because of the multitude of possibilities, seals (e.g. as sealing strip) can be manufactured for high and even the highest of temperature conditions, which in the process also perform acoustic decoupling in machine constructions and provide effective shielding against electromagnetic radiation and interference.

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Assembly and component groups

Assembled component groups and system solutions, such as prefabricated motor vehicle airbag modules, complex electromechanical windshield adjustment mechanisms for motorcycles, or silencers for truck brake systems, have been part of our product portfolio for years.

 They are manufactured under strictest quality requirements and test criteria at Rhodius' production sites around the world. Downstream tests, such as helium leak tests, eddy current tests, flow measurements, torque tests and acoustics tests – some of which are fully automated – we view as a matter of course.

Assemblies for special parts
Motorbike windshield adjustment
Silencers for brake systems