Commissioning of the hydrogen power plant with Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig, the company Apex and the CEO of the Rhodius Group Dr. Knut Kille in Rostock/Laage

March 2021 - Laage

Minister President Manuela Schwesig and CEO of the Rhodius Group Dr. Knut Kille

Photo: Schweriner Volkszeitung/Margitta True

The state’s first CO2-neutral industrial park is built in Laage, Rostock where parts for the automotive industry and other products are to be produced with hydrogen from renewable energies.

On the 24th of March 2021 Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig commissioned Apex´s hydrogen power plant in Laage where hydrogen is generated from solar and wind power. The power plant is to be put in operation within the next weeks. The era of hydrogen has dawned in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern says Ms. Schwesig.

According to Apex, the operating company, this hydrogen power plant is the largest in Europe. Companies located in the affiliated industrial park are now able to run production CO2-neutrally.

Mr. Kille, the CEO of the Rhodius group was present for the groundbreaking ceremony of the first green business park (Photo: Manuela Schwesig and Dr. Knut Kille). Rhodius signed a 20-year-contract as first industrial customer and is the first tenant to have its production site supplied with 100% CO2-neutral energy from Apex. Start of Production is planned for 2023 and production facilities are to be completed and occupied within this year, so that the plant of the Rhodius production can be commissioned at the beginning of 2022.


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